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Aug 29 2014


Informal infographic depicting evolution 

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Aug 28 2014


do you remember when you were a kid and the doorbell rang you would run and see who it was, now i just run to my room instead

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Aug 27 2014
I am never alone when I’m home lol

I am never alone when I’m home lol

Your car is German. Your vodka is Russian. Your pizza is Italian. Your kebab is Turkish. Your democracy is Greek. Your coffee is Brazilian. Your movies are Canadian. Your tea is Tamil. Your shirt is Indian. Your oil is Saudi Arabian. Your electronics are Chinese. Your numbers Arabic, your letters Latin. And you complain that your neighbor is an immigrant? Pull yourself together.
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Aug 26 2014
You were red. You liked me cause I was blue. You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky and you decided purple just wasn’t for you.
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